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)1.All aspects of human life is important in historiography- Voltaire. 2.He criticised imaginative narration-Leopold Von Ranke- 3.History is not about abstract ideas but about living people- René Descartes. 4.Emphasized on the rethinking of the Male dominated perspective of history-Simone de Beauvoir.​


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1.He was French. b. He opined that along with objective truth and chronology of historical events considering social traditions, trade, economy, agriculture, etc. ... It gave rise to the thought that understanding all aspects of human life is important for history writing.

2.Leopold von Ranke was a German historian and a founder of modern source-based history. ... He was able to implement the seminar teaching method in his classroom and focused on archival research and analysis ... Ranke supported Savigny and criticized the Hegelian view of history as being a one-size-fits-all approach.

3. Wrong pair: Rene Descartes: History is not about abstract ideas but about living people

4.on the now classic starting point proposed by Simone de Beauvoir: " ... of the dichotomizing lenses through which they view the history ... had been to male dominance in her own intellectual milieu. ... 20 Sartre also emphasizes practical subjectivity in his later attempt to synthesize ... "Rethinking Modernism: Minority vs.

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