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1.Bases turn red litmus to ______
2. Hydrochloric acid solution affects _____ litmus paper
3. Name two man-made indicators
4. How will you test whether a given solution is acidic, basic, or neutral with a litmus paper?
5. Make a litmus paper and test the given substances.
Lemon juice, vinegar, pure water, and baking soda



Answered by Alia15


1. Blue

2. Blue

3. Litmus paper and Phenolphthalein

4. To test a solution, we will add few drops of the solution on the litmus paper or else we will dip the litmus paper in the solution.

If Blue litmus turns red, then solution is acidic.

If it remains Blue then it is neutral.

If red litmus turns blue, then solution is basic.

5. Lemon juice is acidic

vinegar is also acidic

Pure water is slightly acidic.

Baking Soda is Basic.

Answered by SHAANbrainly
Hey friend!

Here is your answer;

Answer 1) Bases turn red litmus to blue

Answer 2) HCl solution affects blue litmus paper

Answer 3) Phenolphthaline and methyl orange are two man made indicators

Answer 4) Reactions with litmus paper

Basic => turns red litmus blue, blue litmus no change

Acidic => turns blue litmus red, red litmus no change

Neutral => both red and blue litmus no change

Answer 5)
Lemon juice -> mild acidic
Vinegar -> mild acidic
Pure water -> neutral
Baking soda -> mild basic

I hope it helps you
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