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1) Mention two recommendations of Charles Wood for the expansion of modern educational system in India ?
2) Who founded the Brahmo Samaj? What goals of social reforms did it pursue ?​


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It recommended the creation of a Department of Public Instruction and appointed a Director to head the Department. It recommended the establishment of both government and indigenous schools to promote mass education. The Despatch alsorecommended the establishment of three universities to higher education.

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1) To improve the educational system in India, the British Government introduces a new scheme and policy which is famous as Wood’s Despatch of 1854.

This Wood’s Despatch is the document of great historical importance in the history of Indian Education. In fact, some historians referred to Wood’s Despatch of 1854 as the Magna-Charta of English Education in India.

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Recommendation of Wood’s Despatch

Creation of the Department of Education

Establishment of Parent Universities

Medium of Instruction

Establishment of Graded System

Introduction of Grant-in-aid

Training of Teacher

Expansion of Education (Mass Education)

Professional Education

Encouragement of Indigenous Education or Oriental Education

Acceptance of Educational Responsibilities


Achievement of Wood’s Despatch


The Demerit of Wood’s Despatch

Wood’s Despatch of 1854 as Magna-Carta in Indian Education

Impact of Wood’s Despatch on Future Educational Developmen

2 ) It was started at Calcutta on 20 August 1828 by Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Debendranath Tagore as reformation of the prevailing Brahmanism of the time (specifically Kulin practices) and began the Bengal Renaissance of the 19th century pioneering all religious, social and educational advance of the Hindu community .


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