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1. What is a sericulture?
2. How cocoons will boiled?

3. What is meant by shearing
4. flow chat of silk worm.

please answer these questions I HAVE AN ONLINE TEST OF SCIENCE​


Answered by sharbapalodhi


1. Sericulture is an industry that is characterized by a two-step process, the cultivation of mulberry trees and the rearing of silkworms on mulberry leaves to produce cocoons.

2. Cocoon cooking unwinds the cocoon filament spun by the silkworm. The sericin covering around the cocoon filament is agglutinated after silkworm spinning, then hardened through the cocoon drying process. ... The cocoons contained in the wire cage are placed into the boiling water and then boiled for a few minutes.

3. cut the wool off (a sheep or other animal) is called shearing.

4. Flowchart Of Silk Production Process

Cultivation of Silkworms



Spinning the cocoon

Sorting Cocoons

Softening the Sericin

Reeling the filament

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sericulture ↑. cocoons are boiled ↑.

what is shearing ↑. flow chat of silk worm ↑.

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