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1. Write a letter to your friend describing the qualities you liked most
in Anandi Gopal.​


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what is anandi gopal


idk I didn't understand

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July 10, 2017Till here your address

Dear you friend or any other relatives name

It has been a long time since I wrote to you. How are you? I am keeping good health. The reason for writing this letter is to tell you about Dr. Anandi Gopal, a great lady whose life has left a great impression on me. In my English textbook, there is a lesson about her. Do you know she was the first woman from India to get a medical degree from a university in America? She was born in a poor family. She did not have proper early education. She got married at the age of nine. But, with the help of her husband she studied well and decided to become a doctor. She wanted to help women, because there were no female doctors in India at that time. She went to America, faced many difficulties. But, her determination helped her through. She became the first woman doctor of India. The cold weather and smoke affected her health. She contracted tuberculosis. She returned home and succumbed to her disease at the age of twenty-two. Her desire to help women, her grit and determination to face problems in an alien country are really great. She has shown us how we can achieve our goals if we believe in our abilities. Hence, I was greatly impressed by her. She was a great personality, wasn’t she? What do you think of her? With all the good wishes.

Your’s affectionately

Your name

Hope it helps you

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