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2.Write few applications we can use on mobile for excel sheets to do the
calculations available in google play.
Also draw their icons.​


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Today, there is a very big role of applications by which we can make excel sheets and do calculations. And, because of very high and advanced technology in this world, Nowadays, use of applications have became very important. Everything in our life is today is done because of internet.


There are so many applications on Google play which provides us the service of creating excel sheets and calculations. This type of applications make our calculations even more easy. Because of which, It becomes very important to use them.

Here are few applications which can be used for creating excel sheets and calculations:

  • Excel packs - This application have so many advanced features which other applications don't have. It provides us the maximum no. of features at same time. All calculations and sheets can be done with the help of this application.

  • Google sheets app - It is the app by google for making our databases and managing them. Hundreds of filters are available in it. As well, It provides us various kinds of text format.

  • Microsoft excel sheet - Microsoft has it's excel for its windows OS. similarly, it is having it's same copy for android. It is having every feature which we want. The all features in desktop excel are possible to use in Mobile.

  • Mobile spreadsheet - It is my favorite spreadsheet app; It provides the various kinds of writing formats. Also, it is having 350 basic and advanced functions with the suggestions of formulas.  

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  • Mobile Excel it is Useed for the finger to drag or drop the workplace, worsheet
  • To add the data we should tap and navigate large worksheets
  • We can fastly share spreadsheets with others through sending links or attachments file
  • We can Crete the conference in the Excel in mobile and switch to other devices

Play Consol

Use this one

Create Your caluclitio App through excel based on your Excel.

Step 1: Select the data source.

Step 2: Select template for the app.

Step 3: Select relevant input and output cells.

We should select the cells from your Excel that you want to see or then control the app.

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