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3. What is paradoxical between the nature and the poet’s heart?


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In this poem, the poet recollects/remembers the experience of his childhood days and gives his emotion and feelings a meaning. The poet also expresses his love for nature. ...

The above statement is paradoxical in the sense that it contains opposite ideas for normal people.


He feels great joy when he sees a rainbow in the sky. He used to enjoy a lot when he saw the rainbow in the sky in his childhood. He hopes he will still get pleasure at seeing the rainbow when he becomes old and if such feeling stops in the future he wishes to die.

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This is from poem Dust of Snow from Robert Frost


the poet was sitting under the hemlock tree and feeling sad . his heart was filled up of gloominess he was invaded by fear ,sorrow ,death and unhappines .on the other hand the nature has cure of every illness and specially for the social illness the dust of snow on the poet was the blessing for the poet .it cure the poets heart and made him happy and cheerful and help him get out of his social invasion.

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