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5 benefits of this programme of midday meal.


Answered by abasd
students are regular
literacy rate increases
students can study and make a bright future for themselves
poor ones who sren able to afford food can get some
country's development since country's future is in hands of children

silentobserver: I agree with your ans.
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Answered by silentobserver
1. Poor students who were not able to get food first are now get food to eat free of cost.
2. As those students are the future of are country thus there development leds to countries development .

hope these will help you

abasd: ya i know since 1 and 2 class students are attracted to toys
abasd: can you give an idea about the adventure of toys
silentobserver: u can write that the boy himself made a toy or something like it
abasd: i didn't get it
abasd: can you please explain again
silentobserver: take it like that he was take away by his father so he remained sad after that and later he himself made a toy car or something else. transform it into a story a write
abasd: okk. thank you
silentobserver: I hope it will help you
silentobserver: if not so i am sorry that i can't help you
abasd: ya your idea helped me very much. thanks. and since i have to represent it in the form of a story book, can you please give ant idea about how can it be more creative or in which shape should i cut all the pages
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