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5. Rohan went to bank with 1,00,000. He asked the cashier to give
him 500 and 2000 currency notes. He got 95 currency notes.
Find the number of each kind of currency notes.​


Answered by amitkumar100001


The number of notes of 500 is 60 and number of notes of 2000 is 35 .i.e 500×60+2000×35=30000+70000=1,00,000

raushan993: right
raushan993: but explain it
raushan993: through statements
amitkumar100001: let the number of 500 notes be x and number of 2000 notes be y then number of notes will be x+ y but we know that number of notes is 95 therefore x+y=95 let it as equation 1
raushan993: thanks much
amitkumar100001: now according to the question 500x+2000y = 1,00,000 let it as equation 2
amitkumar100001: now solve 1 and 2 you will get values of x and y
amitkumar100001: bye
raushan993: bye
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