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A car moves with a speed of 10 km/h for half an hour, 20 km/h for one hour and 50 km/h for 2 hours. Calculate the average speed of the car


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1.A car speed in half an hour..

speed = 10km/h in m/s= 10×5/18= 25/9

time= 30 min× 60 = 1200 sec

distance= speed × time


to convert meter into kilometer divide 5000 by 1000 and you will get =5km

2. A car speed in one hour..

S= 20 km/h

T= 1 hours

D= s×t

20×1= 20km

3. A car speed in two hours..

s= 50 km/h

t= 2 hours

d= 50×2= 100 km

4. To find out the average speed the formula is...

Average speed= total distance / total time taken

so, total distance=125 km

total time is= 3 h 30 min= 3×30/60= 7/2

now use formula that is 125×3/7= 35 whole 5/7 km/ h is your answer..

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