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A car of mass 850 kg is moving with velocity of 23 m/s what is the momentum of the car?


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momentum is defined as product of mass and velocity,


momentum = 850 * 23 = 19550 kg-m/sec

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Given :

Mass of car = 850kg

Velocity of the car = 23m/s

To find :

The momentum of the car.

Solution :

The product of mass and velocity is called momentum.

  • Momentum is a vector quantity having both magnitude and direction.
  • The SI unit of momentum is kilogram metre per second.

We know momentum is product of mass and velocity that is

  • p = mv


p denotes momentum

m denotes mass

v denotes velocity

by substituting all the given values in the formula,

➠ p = mv

➠ p = (860)(23)

➠ p = 19780 kg.m/s

thus, the momentum of the car is 19780 kg.m/s

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