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A charge of 100uc is placed at a distance of 12cm from a charge of 200uc calculate the potential mid way between 2 charges


Answered by qwblackurnrovers

The midway between two charges is 450 х 10^{7}


The charge of 100c at a 12cm from 200c

To Find:

The potential midway between the two charges


V = \frac{KQ}{r}

V = \frac{K(100)}{6(10)^-2} + \frac{K200}{6(10)^-2}

V = \frac{K}{6(10)^-2} (100+200)

V = \frac{9(10)^9}{6(10)^-2} (300)

V =  450 х  10^{7} volt

Hence, potential difference (v) is 450  х 10^{7} volt

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