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A letter from a mother to a son sending him a new year gift.​


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how are you my dear son ,how about studying?and there is anew year have u buy a new dresses .i think u donf buy a dress so i am oly sending dress by corier take it is a gift of new year

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Letter from a mother to a son, sending him a happy New Year gift.

57/18, Talwar Township,


June 5, 20X.X.

Dear Romesh,

Here’s a Happy New Year gift! I am sure you will like it. I am sending you a Money Order for Rs. 100. I shall advise you to begin the New Year with thrift. There goes a saying “Money saved is money earned”. It does not matter how much one can spend. What really matters are on how little one can manage to live. The more one earns and the less one spends, the happier one will be in life. Everybody is busy getting money and spending money. Those who spend all that they get are often hard up. We must lay by something against a rainy day. It is by spending less and earning more that there can be any progress and happiness in life.

So let me see how far will this sum of Rs. 100/- go with you in the New year. After you have spent the money, send me your account.

With lots of love.


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