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A set of weights includes a 4 lb barbell and 6 pairs of weight plates. Each pair of plates weighs 20 lb. If x pairs of plates are added to the barbell, the total weight of the barbell and plates in pounds can be represented by f(x) = 20x + 4.

What is the range of the function for this situation


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Step-by-step explanation:

The maximum accommodation of plates in a set is 6 pairs, which includes the weight of a barbell (4 lb).

As the statement clarifies , each pair of plates weigh 20 lb

we have f(x)=20x+4

Now, we can proceed with no. of plates (in pair) from 0(selecting no plates at all) - 6(maximum pair of plates).

when the number of plates=0, here x=0

f(0)=20×0+4 = 4

similarly, when x= 1......

f(1) =20×1+4 =24

(do it yourself) f(2),f(3),f(4),f(5) and

f(6)=20×6+4 =124

Thus, we get the following range.

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