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a train travels with a speed of 60km/h from station A to B and comes back at a speed of 80km/h from station B to A
find:(1)average speed and average velocity


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The average speed of the train is = speed of train from A to B+speed of train from B to A by 2=60+80/2=140/2=70

the average velocity of the train is 0

Average velocity=Displacement/time



Answered by aadyas542


average speed =480/7 km/h

average velocity=0


if he comes back to original position s=0 so avg. v=0

for avg. speed let distance=x

total distance=2x

time for A to B =x/60

time for B to A =x/80

avg. speed = total x/total t


                   =480/7 km/h

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