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According to c e m joad how should man spend their time and energy


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In C.E.M Joad's "Our Own Civilization", the author shows how the machines have taken over the world. Man relies on machinery for things of basic use. Man is dependent on suc things that has made man lazier. 

C.E.M Joad that man should spend their energy and time in a positive manner. Man must keep away from gadgets that slow down their pace and use their physical energy to do their work. He wants man to relish the beauty of life beyond machinery. He wants man to explore the world and create beautiful things. He wants man to live righteously and freely. 

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According to C.E.M Joad a man should spend his time and energy positively.


Man should ensure his time and energy is well spent.

This is achieved by a man avoiding things that can slow their working ability which might also slow down their mentality.

Man shoul keep away or stay away from gadgets that can slow down their pace and energy from performing certain tasks.

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