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an object has moved through a distance can it have zero displacement if yes support your answer with an example in solution​


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yes...even an object has moved through a distance it can have zero displacement if its initial point and final point is same.

if the object have completed one rotation in a circle or it has come back to the starting point after travelling some distance then the displacement is zero.

Answered by aaravshrivastwa

Yes, an object can have zero displacement even if it has move some distance. Here, in only one condition can happen either a body is moving in circular path then if it goes from Initial point and again return to the same final point then it could have zero displacement.

Suppose a man is walking on a circular path of 300 m.

Distance transversed = 300 m

Displacement =  S_{1} - S_{2}

Displacement = 300 - 300 = 0 m

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