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Answer the questions.
1. Why did Tom dislike attending school on Mondays?
2. Why did Tom decide to hold the tooth in reserve? What did he then think of?
3. Why did Tom get annoyed with Sid?
4. What did Aunt Polly ask Mary to fetch?
5. According to Aunt Polly, what did Tom do to break her heart?
6. 'But difficult times also bring their rewards.' What was Tom's reward?
7. Do
you think Aunt Polly was a sensible woman? Give reasons for your answer.​


Answered by annar6516

Answer : Tom disliked attending school on Monday because it was the beginning of the another week


Answered by girlsprincess658


tom dislike attending school on Monday because another week attending school


Monday morning found on miserable Monday morning always found him so because it begin another which slow suffering in my school

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