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anyone having extra questions of geography NCERT "contemporary India-1
plzz give me of 9th standard....​


Answered by riya94230


chapter 1

how has India developed relationships with the world through the land route

chapter 2

the relief of India displays a great physical variation explain how

Answered by dassristi2016

You can find many questions from this link.....

If this helpful to you

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riya94230: actually i am in tenth class
dassristi2016: That u have problem
riya94230: you are in which class
dassristi2016: 12
riya94230: means you are elder to me
riya94230: ok
riya94230: bye
dassristi2016: In which class u read
riya94230: tenth
dassristi2016: Ooo
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