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B. Read the ektract given below and answer the questions that follow:
Madam, there is alighted at your gate
A young Venetian, one that comes before
To signify that approaching of his lord;
From whom he bringeth sensible regrets
To wit, besides commends and courteous breath.
Gifts of rich value. Yet I have not seen
So likely an ambassador of love:
i. Who is speaking these lines and to whom? What has happened earlier in the scene?
Who is the young Venetian referred to here? Why is the speaker so impressed?
iii. How does Portia react on hearing the news?
iv. What does Nerissa wish at the end of the scene? What clue does it provide to you
V. In which mood is Portia? Who is able to choose the right casket later in the play?​


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1. these lines r spoken by Nerissa(confidant of Portia) to portia(rich heiress of Belmont.)...Nerissa and potia are discussing abt the difference suitors that have come to Belmont and how Portia is fed up of them....

2.the your Venetian referred is gratiano who cmoes before bassanio to announce bassanio is coming...the speaker that is Nerissa is so impressed because she remembers Portia talking abt some Venetian ..who Portia liked...

3.portia is overwhelmed by this news because evn she thinks thta it is bassanio...it is proved when she says:-

"come, come..........cupid's post that comes so mannerly"

4.nerrisa hopes that it is bassanio who is coming....because she knows that Portia has been longing to see him for a long time now....this scene gives us. clue that Portia secretly like bassanio...

5.portia is sad and tired because of because of all kinds of suitors she had come across.....she is sad because eshe doesn't want to marry any person only because he chose the right casket....she says she has no right to choos the husband... because of her dead father's will....

bassanio chooses the right casket later...!!!!

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