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Answer: I remember that I born in that house.

this is the pen you are looking.

the parents of these boys are dead.

jack got the first prize.

this is the place of accident.

the daughter of Mr Kaul is an actress

. we found the book which was lost yesterday.

you are praising so much to these lazy villagers.

my mother will always be always grateful to you because you have helped her. Explanation:

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1. I remember the house where I was born.

2. Here is the pen that you are looking for.

3. These are the boys who's parents are dead.

4.Jack gets the first prize that he deserves.

5. This is the place where the accident occurred.

6. she is Mrs kaul and her daughter is an actress.

7. we have found the book that we had lost yesterday.

8. the villagers are because you press them so much.

9. my mother will always be grateful because you helped her.

sorry, for the 10. number question because it is not visible so I couldn't answer that.

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the answer of the person above me is wrong.

my given answers are correct

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