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character sketch of Hubert in the chapter The thieves who couldn't help in sneezing​


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Thomas Hardy Short Stories The Thieves Who Couldn't Help Sneezing There is one main character in this story, Hubert. We barely get any description of the physical features of Hubert; however what we do find out is: he is a fourteen year old boy, a 'yeoman's son' with a horse named Jerry. All of them resided in Wessex.

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Hubert Character sketch could be Courageous and Witty



It is when Hubert was lost and abandoned in the woods. He kept a clear mind by recovering from the shock of the loss of his horse Jerry. He kept moving on to the light of the Large mansion and made sure to hide when the thieves entered the hall.


Hubert outsmarted the thieves by putting the snuff into the closet in which the thieves were hiding.

Another character trait could be Overconfident:

when Hubert was riding his horse to the Vale of Blackmore, he heard a noise among the boughs this recalled that the spot he was traversing was dangerous. He thought that nothing would happen to him but in the end, he was lost and abandoned in the woods, and his horse Jerry was robbed by the thieves.

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