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characteristics of Tommy in the fun they had


Answered by Fishy
ohh...i am also in 9th...
..it is first chapter of beehive...right..
i think Tommy was a careless person..he doesn't focus on anything unimportant.... he behaves nonchalantly...he doesn't pays attention to the book they found
okk hope it help u ..bye!!

Fishy: this...BRAINLY
Alikhan1234: hi
Alikhan1234: causes if French revolution
Fishy: read chapter 1 of ncert 9th class history book....carefully
Alikhan1234: I didn't yet get my tb
Fishy: why...r u in RTE
Alikhan1234: whst
Alikhan1234: what
Alikhan1234: hello
Fishy: don't comment
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