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Work Sheet-1
Les 1 - Reflection of light atened surfaces
L Amswer the following questions
Se the differences between vital and Real image.
Does the focal length of a spherical mirror changes when it is completely
immersed in the water ? Predict and write the reason.
The magnification of the image formed by the spherical mimoris
m=1.35. Based on this information answer the following questions.
Which kind of the mirror forms such images
Write the charactensistics of the image
i) If the size of the object is dem, then what is the le of the image
Write the position of the object on the principal axis
Where will the image form when we place an object on the principal
axis of a concave mirror at a point between focus and pole
S An object of height 5cm is placed at 30cm distance on the principal axis
in front of a concave mirror of focal length 20em. Find the image
distance and size of the image.
IL. Fill in the blanks:
A concave mirror converges the parallel rays on the principal axis at
10cmthen the focal length is
Virtual image formed due to intersection of
mirror is used in solar cooker
Formula used to find the focal length of the mirror is
The focal length of the concave mirror is 30cm, then the radius of
curvature is _


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