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Complete the dialogue given below by filling in the blanks with the help of options that follow: 1 x4=4

Patient : I am not well, doctor, (a) _ _ _ _ _ ?
Doctor : Tell me (b) _ _ _ _ _ .
Patient : I could not sleep well last night.
Doctor : May I know (c) _ _ _ _ _ last night.
Patient : I went to bed very late last night
Doctor : Are you feeling (d) _ _ _ _ _ .

(a) *

1 point

(i) may you examine me at once

(ii) do examine me immediately

(iii) attend to me at once

(iv) will you please attend to me

(b) *

1 point

(i) the problem do you have

(ii) what is your problem

(iii) what your problem is

(iv) why you are unwell

(c) *

1 point

(i) when you returned home

(ii) when you went to bed

(iii) what you eat before going to bed

(iv) how long did you drove

(d) *

1 point

(i) drowsy


(iii) dizziness


3. How -------you do that to me! *

1 point

a. Would

b. Could

c. Should

d. Might

4. You -------- visit them, just make a phone call. *

1 point

a. Can not

b. Might

c. May

d. Need not


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