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D Report the following speech by a local politician.
"If I win the election, I am going to bring about major changes in how your state is
run. A detailed agenda has been uploaded on my website. Please refer to it to know
about our plans for the next five years. First and foremost, I will make sure that this
state gets adequate funding from the central government. I will also make sure that
we have good relations with our neighboring states. We require their full cooperation
in solving the current water and power crises. This state has been facing a lot of
power cuts lately. The root problem is too much demand and not enough supply.
We also need to invest in the local infrastructure. Finally and most importantly,
education is going to be the primary focus for my government. We will increase
the salary of school teachers by 15 per cent. We shall also build five new schools
in each zone."
bring about​


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