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Dare to answer.
Name who?
The answer is same of all.

1 .A boy who killed a lion with bare hands and without any weapon just at the age of 12 as lion attacked his friends?

2. A boy who defeated a strong king in a war at just at the age of 12?

3. A skilled warrior......?

4. Who was killed by A Muslim as........let name that muslim x
and that boy z.
X was defeated in war by Z 18 or 19 times but Z always let X go...and forgived him...but when X defeated Z by Fraud...then X burned his eyes with hot iron.
But still the boy Z killed X before dieing.

Name the skilled warrior who created a great history of India!

Answer of all:
True/False ??​


Answered by brqinlyuser


true yes its true its prithvi raj chauhan

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