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describe how communities have conserved and protected forest and wildlife in India? ​


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in a lesson u will get to read about a village called jalsindi

the government planned to construct a dam sardar sarovar project but the communities living there protested to save wild life and forest cover

the world Bank also refused to give loans bcz of the protests of people

but Indian govt took Americans help to complete the project

in this way communities fight for forest cover and wild life

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Answer :

In India many traditional communities still live in the forests and depend on their livelihood for forest produce. These communities are working hand in hand with the government to conserve forests.

In Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan, villagers fought against mining activities. In Alwar district of Rajasthan, local communities belonging to five villages have set their own rules and regulations in 1,200 hectares of forest land. They have named it as the Bhairodev Dakav ‘Sonchuri’. Hunting is not allowed in these lands and outside encroachments are prohibited.

The famous Chipko movement was started in the Himalayan region to stop deforestation. People belonging to the local community took to afforestation in a big way. Indigenous species were cultivated and protected.

Involving local communities in protecting the environment, and stopping degradation of forests has reaped many benefits.


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