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describe the events that lead to the convention?​


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Articles of Confederation served as the first constitution of America when it was still a colonial state. After a Revolutionary war and the independence of United States from the Britain, Articles of confederation was altered and declared as constitutional convention which was adopted on May 1787 in order to alleviate many problems that for experienced after the war of independence because of the poorly articulated articles of confederation.

Explanation: main five factors that led to the convening of constitution were:

Inflation: After the Revolutionary war all 13 states had a hard time paying off their debts, they also started printing money which was of lesser or no value. The Articles of confederation was not giving worthy policy making guidance.

Shay's Rebellion: Because farmers were unable to pay new taxes they were forced to sell their lands in order to pay the new taxes to generate revenue for the newly emerged state. That exacerbated the problems.

James Madison was a federal list and he wanted stronger Central Government and wanted to divide government into three main branches executive, legislative and judicial branch and a system of checks and balances so that no one could abuse their powers.This was the foundation of constitutional convention.

Alexander Hamilton: He believe the Articles of Confederation separated the nation instead of unifying them, so the articles of Confederation was considered to be poorly managed and he wanted that a strong Central government is the key to reliable source of income in to develop more powerful and internationally recognized Central Government.

The new burg Conspiracy: The congress was under the debt from the war because of which they couldn't no longer pay the military and repay them for food and clothing. Officers then began to pass around a anonymous letter disapproving the congress and calling for a revolt. This made George Washington reconsider the Congress.

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