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Describe the town mouse's experience in the
What differences do you find between the country and the town?
How can you say that the town mouse could not enjoy the dinner o​


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1.Because he thought that the countryside was very peaceful.The Town mouse went to the countryside " to meet his childhood friend the country mouse " and even " to relax and have fun in the peaceful sight of the countryside "

2. The town mouse felt a lot of irritation in the countryside. The Town mouse was unable to stay there. It just wanted to get back from the countryside to the town.

3. A Town is a settlement; an area with residential districts, shops and amenities, and its own local government; especially one larger than a village and smaller than a city while the country is an area of land; a district, region.

4. The town mouse traveled to the countryside because he was insisted to do so by the doctor as he was ill. He traveled On an ordinary train because there was no air-conditioned train available to the village.

5. In the original tale, a proud town mouse visits his cousin in the country. The country mouse offers the city mouse a meal of simple country cuisine, at which the visitor scoffs and invites the country mouse back to the city for a taste of the "fine life" and the two cousins dine like emperors.

6. The country mouse was a very innocent mouse and knew nothing of the city life. He used to sleep on a log, eat oats and beans, and sent letters to the city mouse. He used to watch the insects and nature to pass his time. He lived a really nice lifestyle.

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(i) Difference in a country and a town:-

Traffic, Food and drink, Lifestyle, Clothes, Occupation

(ii) Town mouse did not enjoy the dinner because he was habituated to eat bread, cheese and various types of foods

and couldn't eat the raw food and coconut water given by the country mouse.

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