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discuss the significant difference pattern formed by the rivers explain ​


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There are 4 type of drainage patterns on the basis of their flowing pattern dendritic,radial and rectanglar

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Significance of different patterns formed by Rivers:

The different drainage pattern of the river as formed are enlisted below as following,

Accordant Drainage Pattern – It is the drainage pattern which resembles any form of landscape be it the structure or the relief.

Dendritic Drainage Pattern – These patterns are commonly found and are similar to the form of twigs in the tree or the Dendron of the nerve systems.

Parallel Drainage Pattern – these resemble the parallel form of pattern where the distributary runs parallel to each other forming tributaries.

Trellis Drainage Pattern – it is more like garden trails pattern

Rectangular Drainage Pattern – it resembles the rectangular form of pattern

Others are Deranged, Annular, Centripetal, which are very rare.

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