Environmental Sciences, asked by puja5749, 13 days ago

done and finished how to use them in sentences. could someone explain them please​


Answered by Shraddha02004

The difference lies in the way we represent the sentence.


I hv finished my work.

Here done will not be suitable

Hv u done ur homework indicates that the speaker is asking about the overall process but when we use finished we try to say that we started any work and finished it just when we said.

done is also used in some small sentences and phrases like food is done which simply means that food is cooked but that doesn't mean that food is finished. it is also used in some phrases like I am done with you

Shraddha02004: we also say i m done with my work my cant say we are finished wid our work
Shraddha02004: We may say...
Shraddha02004: we have finished our work instead
Shraddha02004: oh u didnt reply
Drigbalakaushal: OK tq next time I will be my best
Shraddha02004: Thnx @puja5749
Drigbalakaushal: puja how is she
Drigbalakaushal: ooooo I am so sorry
Shraddha02004: I cant get u dear @Drigbalakaushal
Drigbalakaushal: ooooo
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