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essay about white flowers


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Flowers are the most beautiful gift given by God. They surround us at every phase of our life. They are the source of joy, happiness, sweetness, beauty and what not.

We can compare our life with the life of a flower. As the life of a flower starts as a small bud then when the bud grown up the petals of flower comes out of the bud and blossom and spread its sweet smell in the surrounding and after that the flower starts loosing its beautiful petals one by one and one day the flower is destroyed. It's totally similar to the life cycle a human being.

Flowers are of different-different colours. The colour of a flower depends on the atmosphere of the surroundings.

Rose water is very useful as it is use in soaps to give a fresh bath. Rose, jasmine and other flowers are used to make perfumes. Different-different flowers are use in the decoration of cakes as well. Marigold flowers use to decorate stages for various purposes such as for marriage functions, for guests, for birthday parties etc.

Flowers are the source of beauty as well. Flowers based designs are very loved by people. People like to decorate their houses with flower based designs of mats, bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains, pots etc. Hence floral designs are very popular and liked by all.

Flowers are the best example of natural beauty.

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