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essay on true friend story​


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once upon a time there are two friends.

Mahesh and Naresh.Mahesh is rich and Naresh is poor. Naresh father is farmar

Mahesh father is peon. They have one more friend called pooja.These three are best friends in their college.Those three be friends every time.The first had been

completed. The results has came. The

Mahesh is topper of the college. And the pooja is just passed.Naresh has two backlogs.Then Mahesh will motivate Naresh.In the three semester the Mahesh will the topper of college.

Naresh and pooja and also passed. One Day before campus selection pooja will propose to Mahesh.But,mahesh scolds her and goes to college. Naresh asks the reason for rejecting.Mahesh will beat Naresh.There are no words between them. That is the last exam. The has been stolen. there they found Mahesh cupboard key. They want to rustigate Mahesh. But, they leaves him.

The Mahesh a lot and goes to USA.

He became the CEO of world's richest company origin. Then Mahesh father dies.

After some years he will call all his college friends.He asks about Naresh.

Then their principal says that Day the Naresh sulendered and said to rustigate him instead of Mahesh.

This is true friend ship

This is story of Maharshi

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                      "True friend"

We all know what is "Friends!"

But only friends not "True friends!"

"Everyone has their own "Ideal friend" In addition to the qualities shared by all true friends, you may want a friend who shares your interests or goals. Or, you might want to spend time with people who are different from you in ways that challenge you to grow as a person. If your current friends let you down, redefining true friendship can open the door to a rich, rewarding relationship."

"A True Friend" Has your back. Someone who is a true friend stands up for you. When others try to hurt you emotionally or physically, they do everything they can to make sure you stay safe. They don't care who is trying to harm you;) they will defend you anytime, anywhere.^_^

"Searching a True friend is really very very tough work in this World"

"Friends bind people in a bond of love, mutual trust, understanding, and loyalty."

"A true Friend Always accept that what you are!"

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you."

The importance of friendship cannot be undermined because we cannot survive without good friends. It is a very important relationship in the emotional life of every human being. A friend, who supports him only when it is convenient, is called a “Fair-weather-Friend”.

"Friendship" is a relationship that involves mutual self-respect, trust, loyalty, and affection. Good friends enjoy each others company, share the same interests and are loyal to each other.

A friend is someone, who stands by us, even during difficult times. It requires honesty and mutual understanding and has to be nurtured with devotion and patience.

The kind of friends you have determines the kind of person you are. That is why it is advised to be careful before making a friend. Choose someone with good thoughts and character, because our thoughts and feelings are affected by the place we live in and by the people we live with. Be friends with someone who makes you feel free, positive and alive.

"If you have A True Friend Means you are very lucky ^_^"

No friend is perfect, and no friend will be able to be everything to you. Even true friends will sometimes disappoint us. What matters most is how they respond to your feelings and the patterns they establish. Have the disappointments you are experiencing in your friendship become habits.

"I would like to share some of my  friends":

1.CuteDoll❤️ My best bestie on Brainly.She is NO1. Love you my bestie❤️❤️

2. Panchami❤️A cute sister on brainly but relation is like true friends❤️Love you❤️

3.Aliya❤️A nice friend on brainly❤️❤️Good girl❤️

4.Avinam❤️A good friend❤️❤️On brainly

5.Jaya❤️A nice friend❤️On Brainly

6.Avni❤️A Good Girl My sis and relation like friendly on Brainly❤️❤️

7.Aman Bro❤️ A nice boy our Aim same❤️Hope we get it❤️

8.Laksminew❤️A Good Friend❤️❤️on brainly

9.Nandanana❤️❤️A nice friend on brainly❤️❤️

These are my Friends❤️❤️Love you All!.

"Sorry! If someone's name is in down but in my heart all are equal❤️❤️".

Thanks For Question!

Have A Great Day!

Good Bye.......


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