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explain the climate of Potohar plateau and also tell its importance in agricultural field​


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The Pothohar Plateau (Pothwari:پوٹھوار, Urdu: سطح مرتفع پوٹھوہار‎) alternatively spelled Potohar, Potwar or Pothwar) is a plateau in north-eastern Pakistan, forming the northern part of Punjab. It borders the western parts of Azad Kashmir and the southern part of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The region was once the home of the ancient Soanian culture, which is evidenced by the discovery of fossils, tools, coins, and remains of ancient archaeological sites.

Potohar Plateau

سطح مرتفع پوٹھوہار

Potohar Plateau Location Map.svg




Punjab Province


Rawalpindi District, Islamabad Capital Territory, Chakwal District, Jhelum District (partially), Khushab District, Mirpur District, Islamabad, Mianwali District, Sargodha District(Northern Belt)


• Total

22,254 km2 (8,592 sq mi)


350 to 575 m (1,150 to 1,900 ft)

Population (2017)

• Total



• Spoken

Majority:Pothwari, Pahari and Hindko Minority:Punjabi, Urdu

Time zone


The major language of the region is Pahari-Pothwari in the Eastern half of the plateau in the districts of Rawalpindi, Jhelum, Islamabad and Mirpur while Hindko is spoken in the Western half of the plateau in the districts of Attock and Chakwal . Punjabi is also spoken along with the Urdu Other than that Shahpuri Shahpuri is spoken in Khushab

Potohar is home to many different clans like Rajputs, kiyani, Nagyal, Dhanyal Tribe, clans like Gujjars, Jatts, Mohyals, Qazi, Khatris, Abbasi, Syeds, Awans, Bhattis, Thathaals, Hanjras,[1] Janjuas, Satti, Tarkhans, Gakhar clans, Sudhans, Sikhs and others.

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