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Explain the difference perspective of anthropology , sociology, political science


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The term Anthropology is derived from two Greek words ‘anthropos’ meaning man and ‘logos’ meaning study or science. Accordingly, anthropology means the study of man. As a science of man, it deals with man, his works and behavior.

Anthropology studies the biological and cultural development of man. Anthropology has a wide field of study which can be broadly divided into three main divisions such as physical anthropology. Archeology cultural anthropology and social anthropology. Physical anthropology studies bodily characteristics of early man and thereby try to understand both primitive and modern cultures.

Similarly, Political science is a classical discipline that deals with the study of political phenomena. Its goal is to deepen human understanding of the forms and nature of political action and to develop theoretical tools for interpreting politically meaningful phenomena.

Sociology is the study of how society has developed, how it's arranged, and how it functions. The social sciences are subjects concerned with how humans interact with the world, and sociology is interested in the study of society.

In many ways, groups act like an individual, and sociology is concerned with how the different parts of the group interact with one another. Sociology also looks at how one group is influenced and influences other groups. The information sociological study provides is useful to government, industry, the military and individual citizens.

Sociology may be unique among the social sciences because it alone seeks to study all of the other disciplines. The reason is that society, the concern of sociology, contains all of the other disciplines. Sociology may want to understand the history of society and relate it to the present. Similarly, it could look at the government or political science of society to uncover important implications concerning how a society conducts itself. A sociologist may also be interested in how individual units within society have a psychology that affects the whole.

Sociology and political science

Sociology depends on political science. In the words of Morris Ginsberg, “Historically Sociology has its main roots in politics and philosophy of history.” Sociology greatly benefited by the books written by political scientists like Plato, Aristotle and Kautilya such as The Republic, The Politics and Arthasastra respectively.

Each and every social problem has a political cause. Political Science is a part of sociology. Hence sociology depends on political science to comprehend itself. To understand different political events sociology takes the help from political science. Sociology to draw it’s conclusions depends on political science. Any change in the political system or nature of power structure brings changes in society. Hence Sociology takes the help of political science to understand the changes in society. Hence both are inter-dependent.

Similarly, political science also depends on Sociology. Political Science is a part of sociology. To understand the part it is necessary to understand the whole. Almost all political problems has a social cause and for the solution of these political problems, political science takes the help of sociology.

State frames its rules, regulations and laws on the basis of social customs, tradition and values. Without Sociological background the study of political science will be incomplete. Political Scientists largely benefited by the researches and research methods of the Sociologist. Some consider political science as a branch of Sociology. The  State is considered as a social group hence is a subject of Sociology.

Sociology and Anthropology

However there exists a very close and intimate relationship between Sociology and Anthropology. Both contribute to the growth of others. Both are mutually related to each other. Of course Sociology studies society whereas anthropology studies man. But as man and society are mutually interrelated hence it is very difficult to distinguish two. However their close relationship can be known from the following.

Anthropology contributes to the growth of Sociology. Without the help of anthropology the study of Sociology can’t be complete. It is a part of Sociology. Anthropology provides knowledge about ancient societies. To have a comprehensive understanding of present society Sociology takes the help of anthropology. Contributions of many Anthropologists like R. Brown, Linton, Mead and Pritchard enriches sociological knowledge’s. The origin of family, marriage, religion etc. can be better understood through anthropological knowledge. The concepts like cultural area, cultural traits, and cultural lag etc. sociology accept from anthropology.

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