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Find the incorrect option:
(a) Most of the farmers are very poor
(b) Moneylenders charge very high rate of interest
(c) This leads to increasing debt and debt trap
(d) Moneylenders use fair means to get their money back
Arrange the following in the correct sequence :
(i) Separation the silk fibre from the cocoon
(ii) Reeling the silk
(iii) Silk fibres obtained from cocoons
(iv) Silk yarn woven on looms​


Answered by Arun0106


d) Money lenders use fair means to get their money back


Some of the money lenders doesn't understand the situation of farmers. Because of less fertility and loss in that . They can't repay the debt that have mentioned to them . Though they in tight corner but they wants to say " " give me some time ". The money lenders ugly their families and intimidating urge to pay .

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