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Free and Forced vibration of distributed mass system:


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Free and forced vibration of continuous systems. Emphasis. where ρ is the mass per unit length of the string. For small distributed-parameter models.Review of linear single degree of freedom system free vibration is carried out. Introduction.

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Free vibrations: A body capable of vibrations is

said to perform free vibrations when it is disturbed

from its equilibrium position and left to itself.

In the absence of dissipative forces such as fric-

tion due to surronding air and intemal forces, the

total energy and hence the amplitude of vibrations

of the body remains constant. The frequencies of the

free vibrations of a body are called its natural

frequencies and depend on the body itself.

In the absence or a maintainin5 torce, in Practice,

the total energy and hence the amplitude decreases

due to dissipative forces and the vibration is said to

be damped. The frequency of damped vibrations is

less than the natural frequency.

2) Forced vibrations : The vibrations of a body in

response to an external periodic force are called

forced vibrations.

The external force supplies the necessary energY

to make up for the dissipative losses. The frequeney

of the forced vibrations is equal to the frequency of

the external penodic torce.

The amplitude of the forced vibrations depends

upon the mass of the vibrating body, the amplitude

of the external force, the difference between the

natural frequency and the frequency of the periodic

force, and the extent of damping.

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