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give two examples of situations when we need to increase friction​


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[ Methods Of Increasing Friction].

In many situations, friction needs to be increased.

1) By making the moving surfaces rough :

Tyres of vehicles have designed with grooves on the surface to increase friction. large friction provides a better grip to vehicles on the road and prevents them from skidding.

2) By increasing roughness of surfaces :

The surface of a matchbox and the head of a matchstick are deliberately made rough to increase friction.

3) During Rains the ground becomes slippery. So, Sand and gravels are spread on grounds to increase friction.

4) You must have seen the spikes in the soles of shoes used by players and athletes. This is done only to increase friction.

Answered by AnnuMishra11

1. In case when the roads are covered with snow, the chances of accidents increase. So, inorder to decrease these possibilities, we need to increase the friction . We can prevent this by throwing some sand . So that the vehicles can move easily.

2. Breaks are provided in vehicles , so that when needed , we can stop them and increase the friction.


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