Environmental Sciences, asked by taskibuskip9jgi3, 2 days ago

how are mangoes are there in the word(varieties)???

kajusofty: langda aam......


Answered by Bhuishree
1000 varieties are found.......

Bhuishree: if u can't understand ,forget it
avdheshsharma: why i forget u
Bhuishree: Don't text again
avdheshsharma: why
avdheshsharma: i love to text
avdheshsharma: ur my gf o not
avdheshsharma: why
kajusofty: hlo bhuishree
Bhuishree: hello
avdheshsharma: hiii
Answered by ruchipatasariya
it is hard to say exactly how many varieties of mangoes are in world.

over 1000 varieties are grow all over the word.

but with new breeding methods there are new varieties are coming in the market.........
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