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How are the features of Shah Jahan's reign different from Aurangzeb's reign?​


Answered by pk8094461667


They were different in many ways. Shahjahan reign was very peaceful. He did not fight many wars hence he was more focused on building monuments etc. Shahjahan was not very religious. He was very secular King. He liked grandeur and had a lavish lifestyle

Aurangzeb was very religious and led a very simple life. Aurangzeb did not like to live a grand life and his personal expenses were borne by selling Quran written by him. Aurangzeb was always fighting some war or the other and as a result, he had a vast Kingdom much larger than he had inherited from Shahjahan,

Even in his death, Aurangzeb preferred to be buried in a simple grave and not build a huge Mausoleum like Taj Mahal preferred by his father

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