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How can we control over exploitation and miss menagemant of water resources


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We can control over exploitation of water by

● installing sewage water treatment plants in polluted water areas

● not letting industrial factorial waste into the water or treating it before letting it into the water

● making people aware about waste water management and stopping them from throwing garbage in the water

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Overexploitation and mismanagement of water resources can be controlled through conservation and management of these resources. Conservation can control the ecological crisis that may arise due to its scarcity and prevent the degradation of our natural ecosystem.

⭕ Resources can be better managed by keeping in mind the following:

⭕ (a) Prevention of water pollution, so that available water resources are not rendered unusable.

⭕ (b) Integrated water resource management should develop water-saving technology and recycling and reuse of resources. Rainwater harvesting should be promoted.

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