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how is the poem road not taken is relevant to life​

khushi147552: who r u
PrinceSahil7666: A Person Who Is Telling That "Sorry I Could Travel Both" There Was Two Roads Diverged In A Yellow Wood he Choose That Road That Noone Has Travelled
shreeya5810: I am shreeya
PrinceSahil7666: The Poem Is About A Person Who Is Confused By Which Road He Should Go!!
PrinceSahil7666: Yess The Poem "Road Not Taken" Is Relevant To Life!!
shreeya5810: in Paradip
shreeya5810: thanks for your answer


Answered by Anonymous

hey mate.

this poem talks about the choicesin ones life


kiara2005: hi shreya
kiara2005: me your school benchpartner....
kiara2005: pehchana
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because it's give the path or goal in our life .

it's show which we choose the direction. ..to succeess

one road in which many people are going ..

but otherone only soma are going

we choose own life. as in road

shreeya5810: I don't think it is ans
shreeya5810: I didn't understand
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