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How is water cycle important in maintaining the water levels on Earth ? How can we utilize it efficiently to obtain freshwater ?


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The water cycle is extremely important process because it ensures the availability of water for all living organisms and regulates weather patterns on our planet. If water didn’t naturally recycle itself, we would run out of clean water, which is essential to life

To many people, streams and lakes are the most visible part of the water cycle. Not only do they supply the human population, animals, and plants with the freshwater they need to survive, but they are great places for people to have fun. You might be surprised at how little of Earth's water supply is stored as freshwater on the land surface, as shown in the diagram and table below. Freshwater represents only about three percent of all water on Earth and freshwater lakes and swamps account for a mere 0.29 percent of the Earth's freshwater. Twenty percent of all fresh surface water is in one lake, Lake Baikal in Asia. Another twenty percent (about 5,500 cubic miles (about 23,000 cubic kilometers)) is stored in the Great Lakes. Rivers hold only about 0.006 percent of total freshwater reserves. You can see that life on Earth survives on what is essentially only a "drop in the bucket" of Earth's total water supply! People have built systems, such as large reservoirs and small water towers (like this one in South Carolina, created to blend in with the peach trees surrounding it) to store water for when they need it. These systems allow people to live in places where nature doesn't always supply enough water or where water is not available at the time of year it is needed.

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"Water cycle" is important in maintaining the water levels on Earth:

  • The cycle of water is considered most important criteria to "maintain the water content" on the earth.
  • The rain water is formed by three important steps like evaporation from the water body, the condensation in the form of cloud and precipitation in the form of rain.
  • The fresh water must be utilised which is sufficient not excess, it must be utilized in the way that we can save water for ourself and future generation.
  • The value of nature fresh water is equal to trillion dollars, we cannot get fresh water so easily by industrial revolution.

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