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How the nightingale die according to the frog??


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↪ According to the frog nightingale died because of her own foolishness and lack of self- confidence .

Frog feels that nightingale should have used her reasoning and shouldn't have flattererd .
According to him that's all her mistake .


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The nightingale, who went beyond its limit while singing, jus because the frog, whom she claimed as her teacher, said to do so. Which singing, without any rest, her vein burst and she died.

The nightingale herself is responsible for her death. This is because she was flattered by the frog's appreciation and had no confidence on herself. She allowed the frog to rule her and her voice. She showed a picture of stupidity to everyone making the frog, who knew nothing about singing, her master. The result of her stupidity was death.


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