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while you are writing the answer select the part of the answer you want to make it in BOLD click on the option B it will become BOLD

The option is available in the first icon in  the bottom left side

Anonymous: Where is the option be ?
Anonymous: Thanks....!
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Anonymous: But its not my question.......!
Anonymous: Can you explain whole process, dear ?
nancyyy: First of all, open brainly.in (brainly official website) in your laptops/computer, to use brainly 》 When you'll write answers with laptops/conputers, you will observe that there is a "B" option for bold text.
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♣ Let us know about 'How to Bold your answers if you are using PC or Laptop or Computer?'

       If you are using Laptop or Computer, you have to do following simple things -

While adding the answer you will see 'B' option.

Now just click that 'B' and 'Ctrl' (control button) at a time.

       You're almost done! Now write the answer with bold, italics and underlined fonts! ;)


♣ How to Bold your answers if you are using Mobile phone?

       If you are using mobile, you can use Brainly either by Apk version or Site version. To bold the answer, you've to open Brainly.in Site.

      For using site version, I almost recommend you to use 'Google Chrome'. In google  Chrome, get your page in landscape view. (By clicking on 3 dots on right top side, choose landscape view.)

     After you're done, you will see the 'B' option in Mobile. Click  &   Just write the answer and enjoy answering Bold!


   I hope many users will find my answer helpful...

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