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I want a paragraph on how i spend my sunday please be quick to answer


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I wish every day was a Sunday. This day comes after a long wait of six days. Sunday comes as a boon especially for students. It is such a relief from hurried mornings of weekdays. I get up late on a Sunday morning and laze around. My mother also gives me a relaxation in the ‘early to bed and early to rise’ schedule. She prepares any of my favourite dish for the special Sunday breakfast.

I take a leisurely bath unlike a hurried one every other day. It is also a day when all members of my family spend quality time with each other. I get to play with my friends and we often end up playing cricket as it is the favourite game of most of us. Unlike weekdays, on Sundays the deserted playground also looks full of life with hosts of children playing different games.

Mother calls me for lunch but it is only when she herself appears at the scene that I go back home. I wish Sundays were bit longer than 24 hours.

Our teacher load us with a lot of homework. My parents check my school diary and do not allow me to go for evening stroll with my friends, till I have finished my assignments. I try to complete my homework as fast as possible. I never miss my favourite cartoons show on TV. It is the best source of entertainment. Sometimes, I invite my friends to visit my home. We discuss our plans to organise friendly matches with teams from neighbouring colonies. We also go to the swimming pool to have a relaxing time in cool water of the pool. Its fun to play water volley ball and dodge ball in the pool.

In the evening, when we sit for dinner, the thought of getting up early the next morning again grips my mind. With a heavy heart I retire to my bed. Before going to sleep, I wish a sad farewell to my dear Sunday and wish it comes again as soon as possible. A Sunday is, indeed, an excellent holiday. The end of my dear Sunday lends me into Monday blues already.

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