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Icreasing fertlizer use efficiency by means of controlled release fertilizer (crf) production according to theory and techniques of balanced fertilization


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Unbalanced fertilization - another cause of low fertilizer use efficiency ... to increase nitrogen (N) fertilizer production, the rapidly growing food demand ... 60% of the total release of reactive N. Thus to control the release of reactive N ..... use of smart fertilizers, which release the nutrients according to the demand of the plants.

The balanced fertilization theory will be easily applied by farmers for they need only to use the carrier, meanwhile the theory and technique of balanced fertilization will ... RELEASE FERTILIZER (CRF) PRODUCTION ACCORDING TO THEORY ... possible and efficient way to increase the FUE is to produce CRF

When using controlled release fertilizers, choose the correct product for the ... per million (ppm) of nitrogen (N), which is a way of expressing fertilizer concentration. ... Nutrient management BMPs should promote the efficient use of fertilizer and ... bud, or use 150 ppm for entire production (instead of 450 ppm) to increase

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