Math, asked by banani2112p8zd4n, 4 days ago

If I shoot a bird sitting on the tree out of 100. Then how many birds will be left?


Answered by jattandaswag
hey your answer is 99

jaya76: zero
jattandaswag: how
banani2112p8zd4n: no the answer is 0 because if I shoot a bird then the other birds will be afraid of the voice
Answered by flower161
If there were 100 birds in the tree and you shoot one of them — hit or miss — ALL of them will be gone. Birds are very sensitive since they are used to being prey so the sound of a gunshot would send them off into the wild — the one you hit if you did, would hit the ground and the others would be off into the wild blue yonder, so the tree would be EMPTY.

banani2112p8zd4n: you are absolutely right
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