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if india wasn't divided what is carent land size of India ​


Answered by anamikadebnathkol2


We could've visited Haṛappa and Mohenjodaro. They could've visited Delhi and Agra. We could've sailed in Indus they in Brahmaputra.

India would've been larger from east to west (from Baluchistan to Tripura) than north to south (Kashmir to kanyakumari).

No wagha border ceremonies. No 16 December celebrations (1971 Indo Pak war).

No movies like Border, no books like Train to Pakistan, no shayaris like Muhajirnama (by Munawwar Rana; a great peice and should be read).

No mumbai and similar attacks.

No need of Border security force, coast guards.

Maybe no nuclear power in Indian subcontinent.

We would've grieved more for Peshawar school attacks and they for naxal attacks.

Dhoni would've ruined Akmal’s career and Akram Agarkar’s.

There would've been more chances of communal violence.

Less expenditure on defence and more on health and education.

30–40 Lakhs aspirants registering for an exam.

But above all, no Ek Tha Tiger would've been made and consequently no Tiger Zinda Hai too. Thus, the country could've been saved!


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